We use 3D dental imaging to place dental implants, extract impacted teeth, diagnose TMJ, and more.

Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) takes 3D images, allowing your dentist to learn more about your teeth, bones, and surrounding hard and soft tissue. Also, the construction of the x-ray beam of our GALILEOS ComfortPlus 3D dental imaging exposes you to less radiation. This 3D dental imaging is also comfortable and won’t trigger your gag reflex like other types of dental imaging can.


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Our McMahon Family dentists use 3D dental imaging to:

Place dental implants

Plan extraction of impacted teeth

Diagnose TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorders

Evaluate your jaw, sinuses, nerve canals, and nasal cavity

Determine bone structure and tooth orientation

With integrated FaceScan, your dentist can also superimpose an actual 3D image of your face on top of a 3D scan of your teeth, jaws, and underlying bone structure. The lifelike image of your head assists our dentists in planning treatment and makes it easier for you to understand what happens next in your treatment.

SIDEXIS 4 Software also allows your dental professional to compare historical images from your patient record side-by-side with your most recent CBCT scans, providing you with a “before and after” view of your procedure, so you can see the results.

How does 3D Dental Imaging work?

A panoramic x-ray takes about 14 seconds. ​You grasp the handles provided inside the unit and stand still while the scanner revolves around your head. Our dentists might also use a small mouthpiece or chin rest to help you stay still during 3D dental imaging.

How should I prepare for 3D Dental Imaging?

Wear loose comfortable clothing and leave metal jewelry at home so it doesn’t interfere with the imaging. Eyeglasses, hairpins, hearing aids, and other metal objects should also be removed prior to the scan.

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